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Do you need help with potty training your new puppy? Do you have a problem with your male puppy marking? Does your elderly dog have a problem holding it while you work all day? Our PuppyBellyBands doggy diapers will help in curbing those accidents and keep them from occurring on your carpet, furniture, or other hard to clean places!

Simply wrap our male dog belly bands around your dog's waist and when your puppy marks or has an accident indoors, your puppy's urine remains in the PuppyBellyBand and not on your carpet, furniture or other treasured belongings. We do recommend using our PuppyBellyBands in conjunction with a pad if your puppy is a heavy marker or wetter.
PuppyBellyBands dog diapers are made of all natural fabric so, with proper care and cleaning, there is no concern our PuppyBellyBand will irritate your puppy's skin like some others will. The outside of our doggie diaper is made of decorative cotton fabric and the underside (the side that hugs your puppy's belly) is made of an ultra soft, non-pilling fleece with extra absorbent padding where it matters most! Extra-wide Velcro (we only use 2" wide Velcro) makes sure the doggie diaper stays in place and the outside seems are double stitched for extra strength and durability. To clean after each soiling, simply throw in the washing machine with cold water and tumble dry on low.

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